Using a Prompt- Would you rather be able to go without food or without sleep forever?

Jillian and Kuma sleepingSo, I found this funny blog- the Unentitlement Project. I don’t actually think I need a prompt, but she is cracking me up; so I’m going to take one on from this post on prompts she would like to see people tackle.

#7. Would you rather be able to go without food or without sleep forever?

The thing about me is, sleep is one of my core values. People have jokes about me and how much I sleep. My husband says I could sleep standing up. He gets made because we’ll go to bed and two minutes later I will wake up to him indignantly asking if I’m already asleep. Well… not anymore!

My friends have all started calling going to bed before 10pm “pulling a Jill”. No really. I have heard them say this to each other. Then I’m all, “Seriously guys? I’m right here! I can hear you.” The answer is always something like “Oh, we thought you went to bed.” Ha ha ha.

I like naps. I like to be well rested. When I’m not, I randomly fall on the floor because I tripped over an invisible cat. If we’re being honest, I also do that when I am well rested, but it’s far less frequent.

As for food, I love food. If I didn’t love food so much, I probably wouldn’t be doing my project to lose 50 pounds. However, I don’t think being able to go without food would benefit me that much. I mean, I could do with far less food than I eat now, and that sure isn’t happening.

On that note, I would absolutely pick going without sleep. I can’t even imagine the possibilities of that much extra time. I could master every Mario game ever invented. I could become a yoga teacher. I could paint my dog’s toenails. I would be the master of the universe.

Thoughts on this dilemma?



  1. Definitely without sleep…I love sleep, but I could get so many things accomplished if I had all that extra time and I could not imagine a life without chocolate!

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    • Exactly!! I first thought about how nice it would be to break my junk food obsession and not spend all that time and money on food. However… Not having to sleep would be like a super power!


  2. blissfullyminimal says:

    Definitely no sleep. This is a no-brainer for me. I don’t enjoy sleep the way most people seem to. The only thing I like about sleep is that I feel better when it’s over. I have trouble falling asleep, trouble sleeping more than five hours at a time, trouble staying at a comfortable temperature (too cold when I get into bed, too hot when I wake up…).

    Food, on the other hand… why in the world would anyone want to go without food??? This post might as well be titled “Would you rather be able to go without sleep or be forced to go without food?” 😉

    Also if I never needed sleep then I wouldn’t feel like killing my dog every morning. And I’d finally finish my novel. And I’d watch more movies. And… well, you get the idea. Yeah, definitely sleep.

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  3. Love it! Join me next week as I ask the big questions like “would you rather bathe one of your grandparents or lick the door handle at the convenience store where everyone scores drugs?”

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  4. Both are precious for me !!

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  5. LOL, I love your response to the prompt! “Pulling a Jill”- that’s hilarious. 😀

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  6. Omg the, The Unentitlement PROJECT list is funnier than the weekend comics. Hands down I couldn’t live without sleep. It’s such a luxury in my busy life. Food, on the other hand, I could live without. I often forget about it until the little humans in my life remind me, or my partner yells “dinner’s ready!”

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  1. […] What super power would you like to have? I would love to have unlimited energy. There is so much I need to get done, and I always just want to sleep! […]


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