35 Goals to Meet Before I Turn 35

birthdayI decided to join Alex’s project! Alex has started a list of 35 things that she wants to accomplish while she is 35. Click here to check out her site and see her list– she is updating as she goes. I adore bucket lists and I turned 34 today. I think that 35 things before 35 is a super fun idea! She wants to get 100 people, so you should think about joining the party as well.

I thought I would provide the adorable picture of Kuma the Shiba Inu’s eighth birthday for motivation. How can you not want to better yourself when you see that face?

My list of goals to accomplish is below. Many of them are ongoing, so the challenge will be pretty intense. I will update on this page when I accomplish a goal or find it needs to be modified. Let me know if you have any great ideas or want to join in the fun!

The list has been edited to show what I accomplished. Italicized items were completed. Some things were partially completed, and the number following will show how much.

Health (1-8):

  1. lose 50 pounds
  2. work out four times per week 2/52
  3. Use my Happy Herbivore meal plans for at least a month (June/July)
  4. lower dose or go off cholesterol medication
  5. do two cleanses (2nd done 7/6/15)
  6. create shopping schedule (7/13/15 combining with Happy Herbivore)
  7. practice yoga at least once a week (can be at home) 23/52
  8. Try a month of Muay Thai

House (9-19)

  1. minimalism: bathrooms (1/18/15)
  2. minimalism: closet/clothes (1/17/15 did main clothes closet and dresser, 1/18/15 did guest room and bedroom closets)
  3. minimalism: guest room (1/18/15)
  4. minimalism: game room (1/18/15)
  5. minimalism: kitchen (2/14/15)
  6. minimalism: living room (2/14/15)
  7. minimalism: garage (4/17/15)
  8. minimalism: linen closets (1/16/15 did main floor linen closet, 2/7/15 did downstairs closet)
  9. minimalism: bedroom (2/28/15)
  10. minimalism: car (smashed car and got free detail with repair, 1/28- unintentionally part way there//finished 6/8/15)
  11. minimalism: shed (4/17/15)

Friends and Family (20-22):

  1. meet up with a friend once a week 42/52
  2. visit at least one grandparent once a month 12/12
  3. send someone a card or letter once a week (thank you cards do not count!) 22/52

Personal (23- 30):

  1. get a new tattoo- possibly a white Shiba on my right wrist
  2. Work harder at planning cute outfits to look put together 
  3. find cuter things to wear at home so my husband doesn’t always see me looking like a slob (4/17/15)
  4. wash face every day and stop using disposable cleaning cloths (used up the last of the disposable cloths, replaced with a stack of colorful washcloths 1/27/15)
  5.  Pay off student loan (12/15)
  6. Budget for Vermont trip (taken and paid off May 2015)
  7. stay strong- do not chop off hair
  8. Take puppy to training and help her graduate (4/27/15. She also finished her second class in September.)
  9. Stick with therapy until I feel confident (7/27/15)

Work and Blog (31- 34):

  1. get blog posts on a dependable schedule (1/18/15- posting every day at 7:00 EST, by 11:00 EST on Wednesdays)
  2. After getting on a schedule, I abandoned the blog. Decided that pressuring myself would make for a bad blog. I’m now  trying to do once a week. 
  3. build blog to 500 followers
  4. Meet annual work goals

Does anyone else want to join me, Alex, and Chloe?



  1. Nice list , hope you can check out everything listed 🙂

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  2. Cute dog ❤

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  3. Happy Birthday! This is an ambitious yet totally realistic set of goals. I think you will find satisfaction with each item you cross off of the list. I’m too late by about 8 years, so I may have to work on 45 goals to meet before I turn 45 (which would give me two years to complete). 🙂

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  4. Damn, that’s a lot of stuff! If love to help you with the meet up with a friend once a week part! It makes our family so very happy to spend time with you. ❤

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  5. What a good idea and great list! I heard on the podcast “This Is Your Life” that the success rate on accomplishing goals is about 40% just by writing them down so you’re well on your way! Best wishes!

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  6. Loving your list- I will be turning 36 this year and may just do this. Thanks for the inspiration. Reviewing your list, may I suggest when your Happy Herbivore meal plan is up that you start a garden? Nothing makes you eat healthier than food you took time to grow. It will also help with your grocery schedule and trim your grocery bill, as you tend to eat what is in season. You seem to have a ton of house hold things on your list. I live by the rule for every new thing you purchase you must get rid of two. For linens I have three sets of linens per bed, and no more than a dozen towels (though you may need more towels with your doggies). In regards to what to wear around the house, I used to have this problem as I love my flannel and plaid ha! ha! One day I found a beautiful kimono. I love it, it is comfy and stylish and my partner thinks I look hot in it. I also found you can’t go wrong in cute gym shorts and a tank top.

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    • A garden… that may be a post for another time! I am so awful at gardening. I love the idea so much, but I get overambitious and then end up killing everything. Maybe that will be a 36 before 36 goal!

      I have two sets of linens for each bed and that’s it. I haven’t counted our towels, but I think we have six “dog” towels and maybe eight “people” towels. I think we’re on the right track!

      A kimono is a cute idea! I should look into that… but then I have to get rid of two things!


  7. Reblogged this on My 35 Project and commented:
    and Jillian has set hear goals 🙂


  8. Were I to join in, it would have to be 40 things to do before 40. I get tired just thinking about it!

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  9. Ok 35 by 35, that sounds doable. But I’m a bit over that! By a few. So I’m going to think about a more extensive list and follow blogger http:/60while60.WordPress.com . Check out her blog she is doing some great bucket list things too.
    Have fun with yours and good luck

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  10. Hey Jillian,
    Have my age and doing some awesome stuff on your goal list. Look forward to hearing it unfold. Learning of so many different bloggers doing similar projects. Love it.

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  11. I meant “Half” my age. Damn auto correct!

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  12. Wonderful list!!

    This is truly the “Alexite” movement now

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  13. Great post. Hope you achieve all and more.

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  14. We’re usually on decision-excess when starting over to select a fresh match due to the overwhelming assortment available.
    Normal glasses doesn’t possess the selection necessary for relaxed computer-use.



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