Pretty Things- Modcloth Edition

Modcloth coatI love Modcloth*. They have unique clothes with a vintage feel. I like to wear a mix of vintage type pieces with modern pieces. I like Modcloth so much because their stuff seems to fit me better than other things. The special feeling of their pieces also can’t be beat. I love wearing something that everyone else won’t have. The bummer is that many of their items sell out really quickly, so if you find something you love, you really need to snap it up. They also have some true vintage items that they will list one piece at a time. I am guessing that 75% of my work clothes have come from Modcloth.

*This Modcloth home page link is an affiliate link. This is my first shot at an affiliate program. If you buy something using my link I will get a small percentage of the sale. This review is all my personal opinion, and the links below are not affiliate links.

This is my favorite coat (pictured). The giant hood is the coolest thing ever. It makes me feel like a fairy tale princess. The one I’m wearing is from last year, but the Cookie Pie Coat is really similar and there is one left. This is the same coat as mine (Once Upon a Thyme), but hoodin a different pattern- five left of this one.

I also have the I Love Your Dress in olive and black. I am loving the burgundy, but I think I need to resist buying every color. My favorite thing about this dress is that it covers my chest (it’s so hard to find modest clothes for work) and does a lot to disguise my stomach. This dress is also super easy to dress up or down. I’ve worn it with flip flops for a casual day or with heels and a clutch for a date.

Now for the things I don’t have, but love.

The Ever So Soften Hoodie is a great example of something I do not need at all. I’ve been wanting it since last year, so maybe this means I should buy it anyway? Or you should, so I can live vicariously through you. It’s adorable because it has bits of lace added to it for a fun mix of girly and tomboy.

I adore this Sublime Light Top. It would be super cute with a blazer for work, or obviously for going out. I only have a black blazer, but it would be so perfect with this Fine and Sandy Blazer.

These Laid-back in Action boots will probably be purchased very soon. My grey boots have a hole in them, and I’ve been looking everywhere for a replacement. I tried a few pairs from Zappos, but haven’t found the right ones yet.

I really like this Owl Gussied Up Scarf Hanger, but I’m sort of thinking maybe I could make my own? I’ve seen stuff on Pinterest, I might need to look into that.

Show me pictures if you buy anything! Also, has anyone made their own scarf hanger?



  1. I love modcloth! One of my favorite places to waste time dreaming of all the clothes I’d buy if I won the lotto…

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  2. Cute, cute!!!

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