The Evolution of My Bangs

Jillian's Zoe bangs

Why is it that getting bangs is usually due to miscommunication or some sort of personal crisis where you end up taking scissors to your own hair? It’s such a small part of your hair, but causes so much drama. My sister and I actually get dread in our souls when the other texts “I have bangs”. It’s usually the kind of statement that comes before the unveiling of some huge crisis.

Anyway… this is the first sort. I went in to my hairdresser with long, side-swept bangs. This is the same hairdresser that initially cut said bangs. I don’t usually let her cut my hair, because I’m trying to grow it out (she just does a tiny trim). She asked if she should trim my bangs and I (with hesitation) said “sure”. The next thing I know, I have the bangs to the left. Adorable Zooey Deschanel bangs. Probably too adorable for my round face, and so not what I came in with.

My biggest issue with bangs is I get all inspired to style them once, and after that it’s just over. On the left below you have the bangs I went in with. On the right you have the way I have worn my bangs almost every day since the bang trim. I’m just so lazy! I don’t know why. The dry shampoo helps a lot, but if I don’t style them the first day, they have to be up until the next wash for sure.

Jillian's side bangs Jillian's bangs pinned back

Does anyone else feel my pain? Or have super cute bangs that they can tell me how to achieve? Which look do you think is best?



  1. i personally love your bangs in the second photo x
    just followed, would be much appreciated if you followed back ❤

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  2. I think your bangs are super cute! But yes they’re a pain in the ass. I would often yearn for a cute short haircut but nobody has time to style their hair every single day! Ok some people I guess do but not me. I also don’t have time for make up, although I think I prefer going without. I’m a shower and go kind of gal for sure. The good thing about this so called “laziness” is that when I do actually spend time styling my hair or applying some mascara, people notice! Plus then I feel kind of special.

    Anyway, I have decided to cut bangs a couple of times in my life bc I thought they were cute. They only lasted about 2-3 days before I decided I was done with them. Oh then the grow out… Talk about first world problems!

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  3. bunnieybear says:

    I read the title of your post and thought ¡UH-OH! I recently got a bang “trim” and it was everything you describe and more-probably total of an inch came off. I have had so many upsetting experiences that I’ve formed a bang theory: Women/hairstylists get overzealous about bangs they see in magazines or on celebs in CA & those bangs aren’t realistic outside of a studio, esp. in NW Wind & Rain. I wouldn’t say my bangs are super cute, but I can’t stand to clip mine back so that’s not an option for me: 1) best bangs I’ve had were when they were trimmed dry 2) my rotating hair dryer brush is the only thing that makes bangs a possibility in my life… (Example:

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