Free Excel Running Log/Exercise Journal!

Eugene Women's Half MarathonA little over a year ago now, I quit running. I mostly quit due to two different injuries, but I can’t blame it just on that. I lost motivation and focus. In that time I have gained 20 pounds. I looked over my journals and it’s super obvious how this happened. In 2014 I stopped even bothering to track in the end.

Jillian’s 2013 Exercise Log

Jillian’s 2014 Exercise Log

The evolution is a bit appalling, but it gives me a clear picture of where to go from here. Do you want to track your workouts, too? You can use the below Excel file to input your workouts. If you total the weekly miles (or kilometers) in the mileage column, the formula at the bottom will keep a running total for you. I also like to use my spreadsheet to note how many miles I have run in each pair of shoes. I usually switch them out at about 300 miles. Some people go longer than that, but my knees and shins get hurt easily, so I like to play it safe. I filled in the first two rows as a sample- just clear these out and you’ll be good to go! If anyone doesn’t have Excel and wants me to email a PDF or convert it to something else, just leave me a comment. Let’s get in shape!

2015 Exercise Log


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